What is Dimetris, the estimating and takeoff calculation software, used for?

Dimetris helps you to calculate takeoff needed for a construction project up to 10 times faster, and easily generate estimates. It can also be used even when no design drawing is available. All you need to do to calculate the amount of material is take a picture and one dimension to help you scale, and use an internal database to generate the estimate.

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For Construction Companies

Facilitate the calculation of project drawings and the preparation of estimates, allowing modern technologies to do so for you. Try out the automated computer program DIMETRIS. Until now, jobs that take days to complete can be done at the touch of a few buttons.

For Field Engineering Solutions

Understanding the complexity and specificity of the business, we have developed a program to help increase the efficiency of the company providing these services. If your company often calculates estimates for the installation of outdoor networks of a very similar nature, specificity or location – we can save you a lot of time.

For Architects

Architects are often faced with the question – how much will it cost to complete a project? With Dimetris, even at an early stage, when only sketches are available, you can calculate the preliminary price of the object.

For Shipbuilding Companies

Dimetris is designed to calculate quantities of materials and estimates from very detailed drawings or even photos. This is particularly common in ship repair and construction companies.

For Road and Welfare Installation Companies

Road building and landscaping often poses a variety of problems before the work even starts. One of them is the preparation of a correct detailed estimate. The different materials used often make precise calculations very difficult, but with Dimetris you can do it at the touch of a few buttons.

For Interior Designers

How much would it cost to furnish your dream home? Interior designers often make a suggestion, but this is a very difficult question for them to answer. With Dimetris, you will become unbeatable in your field, as from now on you can provide your customers with detailed cost estimates as well.

For Panel House Builders

Builders of these houses are also faced with extremely non-final drawings. With Dimetris, however, calculating both material quantities and estimates is very easy and can be done even if you only have a photo of the building.

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The main advantage of the Dimetry program – efficiency

By mastering the extremely simple Dimetris software, you can provide takeoff and estimates for your projects several times faster and more efficiently


Increase the speed of your work with simultaneous calculations of quantities and detailed estimates. Dimetris is most useful for companies that receive a large number of requests for commercial proposals, so speed of response is of the essence.

Excel estimates

Once you have made all the necessary calculations, export the estimates to an excel format with automatic formulas.

Company rates database

Dimetris hosts a huge database of construction rates (wages, materials and machinery). However, if a company has a specific pricing need or a different pricing scheme than the baseline, the company can adjust or create its own automated pricing database.

Working with PDF or JPEG

Have no “working” .dwg or similar file and cannot perform quantity estimates? No problem, because Dimetris is designed to work with PDF files – including scanned PDF files or even photos. All you only need is to specify one dimension and you can easily count all the dimensions or quantities you need for your drawing.

Functions of Dimetris

Dimetris, which has no analogues in Lithuania, has been developed to enable representatives of different sectors to calculate the takeoff of construction materials required and to calculate their estimates more efficiently.

Automated estimating

Assign predefined groups of estimates from a prepared database.

Fast calculation of takeoff

The software calculates up to 9 different takeoff parameters at the same time when performing drawing operations on a drawing.

Automatic scaling

Specify one dimension in the drawing and the software will set the scale and apply it to all calculations automatically.

Working in the cloud

No software installation on your computer is required. You can access your projects from anywhere in the world and from any computer with Internet access.


Forget about using a calculator or formulas – the software will do all the calculations for you, summarise them and present them in an excel file.

Long-term storage of information

All calculation data is stored in your account on a virtual server, so you can return to your calculations even after a year.

Darbas komandose

Kadangi Dimetris veikia virtualiame serveryje Jūsų darbo rezultatus visada galės matyti Jūsų kolegos, o reikalui esant net ir atlikti korekcijas (jei bus suteiktos tokios teisės).

No additional training required

The program is designed with simplicity as its guiding principle. To learn how to use the App, all you need to do is watch a few short YouTube tutorials and you’re ready to go.

CAD tools

The program is based on CAD best practices. If you’ve ever used a CAD program, then using Dimetris will be easy for you, as it has the well-known basic CAD functions.

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