Electrical Engineering Computing Module

The Dimetris Electrical Engineering Computing Module provides creative freedom to its users, especially in cases where there is little time available and it is necessary to quickly identify the cost of performing electrical engineering works. The solution was first developed for electrical contractors who calculate similar commercial offers without electrical drawings on a regular basis. For example, the customer has purchased a partly finished apartment and needs to install an electrical part in it. In most cases, the contractor does not even have the reference data to calculate at least the provisional price. This is where Dimetris can come in, with the simultaneous design, quantity and cost calculation of electrical installations directly on a PDF plan or a plan of a cadastral file photographed by phone.

How does it work?

A PDF or photo file is uploaded to the Dimetris application, showing the outline (plan) of the premises to be installed. The Dimetris application has activated tools that will allow you to easily mark electrical installations such as an electrical panel; luminaires; switches and sockets. The layers make it easy to create as many different types of appliances as you need (e.g. 6 types of luminaires). The user simply arranges them on the plan, and in parallel the software already calculates how many of these elements are used in the drawing (electrical points). These steps combine all the elements into a special “cable” function that calculates the 3D axonometric quantities of cables from the 2D drawing (and evaluates the vertical quantities of cables to the elements). In addition, the program automatically assigns pre-prepared estimate templates and applies them automatically.

In conclusion, Dimetris not only makes it easy to create an electrical drawing, even in the absence of a clear electrical diagram, but also calculates the required quantities of materials and installation costs. The program is so simple that it does not require any specific knowledge, and it is also well suited for interior designers, when it is necessary to quickly estimate the cost of the planned works. For example, it will take about 5-10 minutes to prepare an electrical engineering project for an apartment of 50 m2, to count the quantities and estimates for an untrained user.

Benefits of the module

Key features:

Very fast and accurate calculation of quantities and estimates from a PDF drawing

No specific engineering knowledge required

Kiekių skaičiavimo programa Dimetris

3 in 1 – Scheme, quantities, estimates

Kiekių skaičiavimo programa Dimetris

Quickly calculates actual cable lengths taking verticality into account

Programa Dimetris

Who benefits from this module??

  • Electrical engineering companies
  • Interior designers
  • Maintenance managers

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