Estimate Module

Building a house is a complex construction project involving many different materials: concrete slabs, bricks, mortar, finishing materials, etc. Each element has its own price, and the sum of all the elements counts towards the total price to construct the house. In addition to the materials, the cost of the house includes the wages of the workers, the salary of the maintenance technician, rental of construction equipment, etc. In order to clearly present the value and cost of the materials or services offered, a particular document called an “estimate” is drawn up.

The cost estimate includes the types of expenditure, the cost of materials, the quantity of materials to be procured, the cost of services to be provided, etc.

Importance of the estimate

An estimate is a document on the basis of which the amounts of investments, the financial resources allocated for construction, paid for the work performed, etc. are determined.
The estimate submitted in the prescribed form shows what materials, at what price and in what quantities will be required for the construction of the object, the estimated price for the construction works.

Types of estimates

There are different types of estimates available for assessing a wide range of objects. Estimates may include:

Object-based estimate

This is a generalised estimate showing only the main construction works (e.g. General construction work, electrical engineering; water supply and sewage, etc.).






Preliminary estimate

This would be prepared for specific types of work but in situations where the exact costs cannot be determined at the time of calculating the costs.

Preliminary estimates are usually prepared where minimal information is available about the project or the work to be performed. In most cases, only design proposal or sketch information is available. The most common approach is to use aggregated fees to determine the overall likely price.

Calculations of additional estimates

Are prepared when it is necessary to establish the amount of funds required to reimburse expenditures/outlays not included in the estimates.






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Estimate calculation

The principle of operation of the Dimetris program is quite different from what you may have seen elsewhere. To save you time, we have developed a software program that simultaneously calculates the quantities (from PDF or JPEG) and the detailed estimates at the same time. How is this possible, you may ask? We trained Dimetris to calculate various geometric quantities, systematise the data, and assign the cost sets of already prepared works to the data.

We have created aggregated groups of construction works and material rates (each company can create its own unique database), which are assigned to a certain work according to the situation.

We have developed the construction charges database by thinking through every detail that can affect price in the construction process. The database has been compiled by experienced estimating experts, so you can avoid inaccuracies and hesitations. From now on, you can make estimates without any hassle, even if you have no special education or understanding of the technological processes of construction – we have thought about this for YOU. You only need to know what result you want, and all the technological processes that are needed to do the job will be evaluated automatically. To maximise your valuable time, Dimetris will automatically fill in the estimate with all the required quantities and parameters, making your work not only very fast but also very accurate.

The new Dimetris solution will appeal most to companies that receive a high volume of enquiries and invest a lot of time in making commercial tenders or price quotes to interested parties. With our pricing rate packages or your own, you can accelerate the pace of your commercial tenders or price quotes up to 10 times, thus gaining an advantage over your competitors.

Benefits of Dimetris

We have highlighted the main advantages compared to the old methods.

  • Speed 100%

  • Accuracy 100%

  • Efektyvumas 100%

  • Functions 86%

Why choose us?

How long does it take you to calculate one project? With Dimetris, you can optimise the time it takes to submit a tender or price quote.

  • You’ll be able to submit tenders and price quotes faster.
  • You will benefit from a detailed price database.
  • With the application, you can easily calculate all the necessary quantities of materials.

  • For construction companies
  • For field engineering companies
  • For architects
  • For shipbuilding companies
  • For companies involved in road construction and landscaping
  • For interior designers
  • For panel house builders