Takeoff calculation module

We live in the age of technology, so even in the technical spheres of business, software that can make work easier, save time and help analyze the situation is becoming easier to apply. Software developers offer business companies newer, more modern and more convenient solutions for their activities every year. One of them is DIMETRIS, calculation software for construction drawings.

DIMETRIS is an automated computer program that calculates estimates and quantities of building materials at the touch of a few buttons. It is an innovative solution that saves time and opens up new possibilities for calculating construction drawings. The solution of the program stems from the need to quickly, accurately and easily calculate the quantities of construction materials and promptly respond to customer requests.

Who can benefit from the DIMETER program?

With just a few clicks of a button, you can calculate the quantities of building materials needed for even the most complex construction project. It is an excellent tool that allows not only to estimate the quantities of construction materials needed, but also to prepare a commercial estimate for the customer or to justify the price offered. Our software is already used by many companies, for which precision and speed of execution are the most important.

Benefits of the program

The program allows

Respond promptly to customer enquiries

Responding quickly and efficiently to changes in information

Update drawings

It is a particularly good choice for managing large construction projects, where information is abundant and constantly changing. DIMETRIS will allow you not only to manage your information, but also to update it in a timely manner, thus avoiding errors and failures. And most importantly – will save your employees time.

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How does DIMETRIS benefit you?

Precise calculation

The software performs the calculations quite accurately, which means that you can forget the errors that eventually increase the amount of required materials. It also avoids human error.

Convenient data integration

The results obtained in DIMETRIS are easily imported into other applications you use. For example, to get the estimated cost of a project, all you need to do is to transfer the resulting figures into the Sistela software system.

Prompt response to enquiries

DIMETIS software allows for fast and timely management of customer requests. You can answer them immediately. The information contained in the application will help to respond to the request not only quickly, but also by providing the customer with accurate and up-to-date calculation data.

Convenient data management

Easily upload all drawings in PDF or JPG format. The system quickly scans your files and transfers the data to the system so you can work on them right away. You can convert all the data you need into EXCEL files and keep track of the history of all the calculations you have performed.

Ease of use

The good news is that the DIMETRIS software is easy and simple to use. Even someone who has not worked with similar solutions will understand the peculiarities of program management in just a few minutes and can perform quality and correct calculations of drawings.

Work optimisation

Time is of the utmost importance in business. Care is always taken to ensure that the work is carried out as expeditiously as possible. DIMETRIS allows your employees to save time on drawing calculations. Depending on the scope of the project, the employee usually devotes several days to the calculation of the drawings. However, with our building drawing calculation program, you can do this task in just a few hours.

Work without limits

Managing several different objects can lead to the risk of data getting lost, confused or inaccurately communicated. The DIMETRIS software allows you to work on an unlimited number of objects at the same time and switch at any time to the project for which you need the data calculations at the moment.