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The construction business is a constant race against time and competitors. If a business has no right tools, it cannot be ahead of the game in terms of time and competition. The company’s efficiency depends absolutely on the employees’ aptitudes, competences and technological progress. By investing in the development of employees’ competencies, companies form a strong team, and in technological progress, they can expect to speed up work processes.


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Today’s realities are keeping construction companies awake and encouraging them to look for new, unconventional solutions. Some bring in cheap but often unskilled labour from abroad. Others buy modern tools, while yet others invest in skills development. However, over time, all of these measures lose their effectiveness for a wide range of reasons, such as:

Employees trained in sophisticated software choose better-paid jobs


Severe shortage of specialist labour on the market


Training new staff is expensive, etc. Estimate and quantity calculator Sąmatų ir kiekių skaičiavimo programa Dimetris

Technological solution

With this in mind, the developers of Dimetris have thought several years ahead and developed software that provides a solution to these unfavourable situations. It is worth noting that Dimetris was based on the Scandinavian principle of SIMPLICITY FIRST. One of the challenges in developing the software was to ensure that Dimetris was so easy to use that it required no special education or training. However, free software consultancy is available to all the company’s customers if required.

Dimetris incorporates the functional principles of AutoCAD, so if the employee has worked with a CAD-type program at least once, the functions will be familiar to them. The software developers have taken into account the problem of a shortage of engineers in the country. The solution to this human resources problem is therefore solved as follows: If it takes a long time to train an engineer to be a professional, error-free estimator, then the solution is to simplify the preparation of estimates to a level where such skills are simply not needed.

The Dimetris program is not only equipped with a huge construction cost database, but it is also structured according to the technological installation logic, for example: For the assessment of a complex building façade with several different types of cladding, Dimetris makes it easy to calculate the cladding areas and, at the same time, to select the appropriate “sandwich” of rates from the database with several different finishing types. All the necessary rates for insulation, priming, studding, plastering, with reinforcing plaster, installation of decorative plaster, scaffolding, etc., so the customer’s chance to make a mistake is minimised.

We learn with you and respond quickly to your technological software needs by testing the software in order to make your business more efficient. Test results in Sweden showed a 25% increase in the average speed at which companies produce estimates. The results of the tests in Lithuania showed that using the Dimetris program, the average qualified estimator can calculate a standard estimate of a 150 m2 individual house in about 1 hour. An experienced estimator can produce an estimate for the same building in less than 30 minutes. How long would it take for your estimator?

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