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Field engineering networks are a multifaceted field involving many processes. The name covers several areas, such as: outdoor water and wastewater networks, outdoor gas networks, outdoor electrical networks and outdoor electronic communications networks. They all have their own differences in terms of installation, but also have many similarities. The vast majority of them are installed underground and at a time when the structure (a green field or urban area) is not yet built. This often leads to problems not only with the installation of the networks, but also with the dismantling and reconstruction of pavements and coatings.
Understanding the complexity and specificity of the business, we have developed a program to help increase the efficiency of the company providing these services. If your company often calculates estimates for the installation of outdoor networks of a very similar nature, specificity or location – we can save you a lot of time.


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Benefits of the program

We have highlighted a number of advantages that are particularly relevant for the implementation of outdoor engineering networking solutions:

Possibility to prepare preliminary estimates at an early stage


Speed and efficiency


Professionalism and accuracy


Possibility to prepare preliminary estimates at an early stage

First of all, Dimetris can help you calculate not only preliminary quantities or even preliminary estimates at a very early stage, when the project is not even ready yet. Suppose a client is just about to install drainage, land reclamation, water supply or sewage networks on their land. And it is not yet entirely clear what the possible quantities and solutions are, but no one at this stage wants to waste time calculating what is likely to change thereafter. Dimetris offers a very simple solution – on a satellite image (google maps) or a topographic image of the site, do some simple design work (mark how you will lay the route, where the manholes will be located, which pavements will need to be dismantled and rebuilt) and the software will not only calculate the exact quantities, but also the target detailed cost estimates automatically. You don’t have to keep track of different rates, because the software does it for you automatically. You will only need to specify the type of pipeline, well or pavement, and the groups of technological processes we have are ready. Therefore, in one simple line-drawing step, you will not only have a PRELIMINARY DRAWING, but also a BILL OF QUANTITIES (BoQ) and an ESTIMATE. Could it be any easier to calculate estimates?

Speed and efficiency, but professionalism and precision

With Dimetris, you will not only be faster and more efficient, but also demonstrate your professionalism by producing not only a detailed estimate, but also a preliminary drawing of the network in just a few minutes.

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Example of an estimate for an outdoor utility network