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How much does a home interior cost?

Every Lithuanian probably knows how to furnish their dream home, but only interior designers know how to make it functional and pleasant to live in. This challenging profession is not for everyone, because it requires creativity, design, construction, and psychological knowledge. You need to be able to listen to the customer’s needs, advise or even discipline. An interior designer needs to have a good sense of fashion trends, combinations of materials and the feel of the pulse of prices. After all, you can’t design an interior if you’re not absolutely clear what the installation cost will be?


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Why choose Dimetris?

We understand how hard the work of interior designers is, so to make it easier, we’ve developed a solution that not only speeds up your work, but also helps you add more value to your client’s experience. If you are designing a luxury, mid-range or economy-class dwelling interior – you will still need the drawings that will help builders to create your vision. Often, interior designers do not fully understand construction processes, which make it difficult for them to provide drawings of exactly the level of detail requested by builders. In addition, not every interior designer is able to draw up an estimate of the project implementation, so that the client can predict what investments this project will require.

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Technological solution

We thought about how we can help you solve all your problems with one method and developed Dimetris. Imagine that you have prepared an apartment layout, wall tiles, ceiling and floor plans, but you don’t know exactly what information builders might need. The Dimetris program is designed to work with projects that lack specific dimensions or quantities, so you can easily calculate any quantities. It quickly calculates flooring areas and skirting board lengths, ceiling areas, vertical wall areas, door and window areas, window frame lengths, window sill and door threshold lengths automatically. In addition, you can assign already created aggregated construction price groups to the calculations, which will automatically take over the quantities from the project and calculate the estimates without any hassle. You don’t need to know any technological processes; just select the selected surface finish and the software will perform all the technological steps for you.

Discover a quick way to calculate not only project quantities but also estimates. Implement your projects with less hassle and significantly faster than ever before.

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