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The construction of panel and frame houses is already becoming a traditional business for Lithuanian manufacturing companies. It is quite strange that in Lithuania we have quite a lot of businesses producing this type of houses, but only a small number of the buildings produced remain in Lithuania. The industry is highly developed, and the Lithuanian production quality label has already earned its well-deserved recognition in Scandinavian countries. It is in this field that professionals must have the unique ability to communicate with people of different nationalities and to adapt to each country’s legal regulations, landscape and technical conditions. If a building is produced in Lithuania that meets some standards, then often it would simply not be possible to build such a building in Scandinavian countries, because they have completely different quality standards. This forces Lithuanian manufacturers to step up their game and look for new solutions or technologies. Many companies in Scandinavia value the time spent by employees and the importance of construction tools in the work process.


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Technological solution

We have experience with Scandinavian projects, so we perfectly understand the challenges. First of all, this market is dominated by projects that lack detail. Drawings are almost devoid of dimensions, areas or other solutions. As a result, project estimates take significantly longer to calculate. To address these problems, we have developed Dimetris, which will help you to calculate all the quantities needed in parallel, but also the estimates. If your company has a database with own rates, this can easily be used in Dimetris. So if you need an estimate for the manufacture and installation of a panel wall based on your wall types, such an estimate will be calculated quicker than ever. Simply mark the area of the facade or interior wall and the software will automatically estimate the required technological wall “sandwich.” No matter what level of detail you’re looking for, Dimetris can create a database down to the bolt and washer detail. You will easily calculate the lengths of facade walls, floors, ceilings, partitions, roof areas, windbreaks, ridge lengths, window and door rims, insulation or skirting boards, window or door areas, as well as estimates.

Material quantities and estimates can be calculated from extremely detailed drawings.


You can create your own database of rates to supplement the existing ones.


The program is “trained” to assess all additional work based on the services selected.


Benefit from Scandinavian wisdom, as the Dimetris program has been developed on the basis of the philosophy of these smart countries. Programs with similar functionality have been in use in Scandinavia for almost a decade, while in Lithuania they are just taking their first steps. Be innovative and outperform your competitors in smartness and speed.

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