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What are the problems faced by road and landscaping companies?

Site preparation is necessary and indispensable in every project. We can no longer imagine an area where there is no parking space, green zones or other small architectural features. Road construction or site improvement activities are very specific due to the strong seasonality, and many of the processes have to be implemented according to a strict timetable. However, this area is also specific because it is very difficult to accurately estimate the quantities of materials, and even more difficult to verify the actual quantities installed. This situation is due to the fact that the construction of roads and sites is mainly based on fill soils, which have different compaction ratios and other installation conditions, which makes the calculation of the material demand more difficult.


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Technological solution

We understand this problem, which is why we have developed a universal solution – Dimetris. It allows to easily calculate the area of pavements, lengths of kerbs and road markings in any area. What is most important is that the program will not only provide systematised quantities, but also automatically count all necessary sub-layers and provide detailed work estimates. With Dimetris, you become an unbeatable partner in the preparation of commercial offers. You’ll get all the estimates you need in an unimaginably short time.

Easy to calculate the coverage area


Easy to find kerb lengths


You’ll get detailed estimates, with all the work assessed


The Dimetris software will help you to calculate all quantities and estimates just from a topographic photo or other PDF file. If you have a plot plan with dimensions missing, that’s not a problem – you can calculate everything with just a few mouse clicks.

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