Quantity Calculations a Decade ago And Now

Quantity Calculations a Decade ago And Now

The days of estimating with spreadsheets and paper bids are mostly gone. It is one of the darkest periods of the construction industry, where computations were manual, but now, building contractors are experiencing another milestone.

Therefore, the building business with quantity calculations has come a long way. A brief history of construction technologies is performed more than ten years ago till now will marvel you:

During the 80s

Estimating and recording were both done totally by hand. Subcontractors would fax or call in their bids on bid day, and estimators would write them all down on paper.


Development of spreadsheet software that aid in the cost estimation process. However, because the technology was expensive, firms were hesitant to change. Estimations were widely problematic.


Today is the era of estimation software or cloud-based technology like Dimetris much cheaper for subcontractors and estimators; these solutions do more for building contractors and estimators than just cost calculation.

The future

More development in construction is predicted to fly as the year goes by, allowing faster and more precise estimations, simplifies than this current development.

Today’s construction estimates and quantity calculations

Today quantity calculation and Estimation technology can maintain project calendars up to date, calculate, and make bids that take days easier; with today’s cloud-based technology, the construction estimation is evolving positively with:


Today’s construction estimating technologies are more efficient, allowing estimators to process more bids. Estimators may not even meet with the general contractor or walk through the construction site.

Fewer phone calls, in-person chats, and personal ties are made compared to previous years. As a result, people frequently struggle to back ten years.

Estimators have access to something more reliable than instinct. An estimator can use software like Dimetris, Bluebeam, and Planswift to access well-tailored data that will help you win a project among many competitors.

Technology and Demographic Shift

A push into digital solutions is driven by demographic shifts in the construction estimating workforce. Today’s workforce comprises people who have benefited entirely from using technology.

Now estimation is only a few clicks away with the correct tools. But only people with computer knowledge can achieve this. Construction organizations attracting these newer experiences must invest in estimation software and other digital solution to replace outdated processes.

Mathematical Methodology

Today, estimation necessitates a great deal of arithmetic but must acquire data from various sources before an accurate result. Estimators frequently gather information from the project’s designs, blueprints, and photographs.

Also, estimators can store and access complicated copy papers or links to Dropbox folders and invite bid systems using cloud-based technology like Dimetris, Bluebeam, and Planswift.

When you use technology like Dimetris, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner – and how you ever got by without it. The solution is more efficient and capable of better managing your workload providing a profitable and accurate result.

With massive competition in the industry through Bluebeam and Planswift, Dimetris standout among others quantity calculation specialists, providing quality estimating software that is much easier to use, adaptable, and fast. It’s time to advance and join the many other professionals who have recently experienced flexible construction estimates.





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