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The nature of architects’ work

Architects are visionaries, people who see the future and create from the heart. An architect’s job is very complex, as they have to envisage many building processes in one project. It is difficult to predict all the possibilities, solutions or problems only on a piece of paper, and where there are still many issues that need to be considered not only with the client, but also with the approving authorities. Today’s architects no longer have so much freedom to create, but are forced to focus more on the technical part of the project, so their competencies must be diverse.


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Why should you choose us?

We believe that many architects are often asked by their clients how much it will cost to implement it. We believe that few architects can answer this question professionally. Construction pricing is not an easy challenge in the early stages of design, and most architects simply don’t have time to delve further into this ever-changing area of pricing. Architects often contact professional estimators to help them determine construction costs in the early or late stages of design, but not everyone has the means to invest in this.

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Technological solution

We understand what architects do for a living and what their problems are, so we’ve developed a solution that makes their hard work easier. The Dimetris software can help you easily calculate potential construction costs from a sketch alone. With just a sketch drawing of a plot plan, floor plan or facade, you can calculate rough/detailed estimates with just a few clicks of the mouse. This will help you quickly answer the question of whether it is worth investing or not; whether or not it is worth choosing a certain solution; whether or not it is worth designing an extra storey. You will find the answer to these and other questions with ease, because we have thought about you.

The Dimetris Quick Estimator can also be very useful for urban planners who are planning development strategies, designing action plans and need to provide price quotations for as many as several possible options. With our solution, you’ll not only save you money, but also time.

In the future, we will strengthen the area of preliminary estimates at the stage of drafting proposals, so we encourage proposals where we should focus our knowledge and find a solution.

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