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What challenges do shipbuilding and ship repair companies face?

Shipbuilding is an undiscovered or underdeveloped field in Lithuania, so only the best professionals are working in the field. This sector is very similar to the building construction sector, but has some key differences, such as: 99% of the work is carried out on secondments, with very tight contract deadlines, multilingualism and complex drawings. All things considered, not every company is willing to fight in a tough international competitive arena.


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What challenges do shipbuilding and ship repair companies face?

We know the area and understand the “pain” of these companies. The developers of Dimetris have been involved in cruise ship construction tenders (partial works) on several occasions, so we are well aware of the kind of incomplete drawings that contractors receive. However, we have not yet understood how you manage not to miscalculate what cannot be calculated. We are now convinced that we have found the solution to your problems and have developed Dimetris, software that will help you easily navigate the complex maze of ship drawings.

You can work directly with PDF drawings


Easy to organise data


Extremely easy to estimate the cost of work


Technological solution

Dimetris works with PDF drawings, which you simply upload to the software. Be sure to set a scale dimension (usually found on the ship’s drawings) and calculate everything you want to know without any hassle, just by doing the plot/measure function. The software will easily help you to organise the calculation data according to the individual installation of cabins; by types of partition, floor or ceiling finishes. You can easily organise the information about the quantities of materials on the entire ship’s floor, and once the systematisation work is done, it will be even easier to calculate the cost of the installation work.

If a company uses its own specific pricing, it can be easily transferred to the Dimetris database and used for costing. In other words, once you’ve made a measurement on the drawings, the result is a quantity and an estimate.

Another problem that the Dimetris program will help to solve is the issue of staff training. We know that it is quite difficult to find professional estimators on the market who have the experience and skills to calculate shipbuilding estimates. Using our program – training will not be necessary, because everything with the program is very simple, and the rates database you have created will be used for new employees.

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